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Top 5 Songs 2013

What up people! Michael, Amanda, and myself have been working on filtering through the top songs of this year. We will be posting the podcast at a later point, but in the mean time here are some of the songs that we discussed in our determination of the best songs of the year. Stay tuned for the podcast to discover what our top 5 songs of the year are. Collapsible Lung – Relient K Get Lucky – Daft Punk Mirrors – Justin Timberlake Phoenix – Fall Out Boy Doin It Right – Daft Punk Superhuman – Any Mineo

I’m Taking a Poll

Alright guys, here’s the deal… I’m thinking about moving on from Super Meat Boy and trying something else for my weekly video. Super Meat Boy is a great game, and the best side scroller platformer I have ever played, but I wonder if it is time to move on to something else. Perhaps another hard game, or maybe a different game every week for a time. What I want to do, is find out what you guys want. Obviously one of the reasons I do this is because I think it is fun, but you guys are the ones who actually come and watch this crap. So I want to run a sort of poll to find out what you guys want me to play, and by extension what you want to watch. Maybe you want me to play an MMO for 30 mins a week, or perhaps you want me to compete in an online match of some kind, say a Strategy or Shooter; either way, I want you to decide. This could even include continuing with super Meat Boy, it’s your call. Post in the comments below what you would like me to do, and I will look through them and decide which one I will be going with. I look forward to reading your comments!

Happy Halloweenie!

Tonight is the first of what I hope to make an annual tradition on The Culture of My People. Halloweenie night! Drewby is notorious for not liking horror entertainment at all, and I, becuase of how immersed I get into video games, get seriously freaked out by video games specifically. To celebrate Halloween, Drewby and I will each be playing a “scary” game and posting it up to the site. Look forward to seeing Drewby and I freak out on screen as he plays some Dead Space and I try busting through Amnesisa: The Dark Descent. Happy Halloweenie!

PS4 Controller Review

Evening everyone!  As you can already tell, I have received in the mail my own PS4 controller.  I had the chance to play with it tonight and I’d like to share my initial thoughts with you.


The previous generation of consoles has left us with a great controller, and hardly anyone will tell you otherwise.  The Xbox 360 controller is by far the best controller I’ve ever handled.  The weight of the controller lets you know that you are holding it, but not so heavy as to be cumbersome.  The mere size of the controller lends you the feeling of being in control of your game, which only intensifies the immersiveness of the game.  The buttons are typically placed of the right side, but the dual sticks are place unevenly on the pad.  This does not bother you though, because once you start playing, you can hardly tell because you simply don’t care.  Microsoft outdid itself with this piece of hardware, and many wonder if the next gen will knock the masterpiece off of its pedestal.  I’m sad to say, that the dualshock 4 does not.


You can see the layout of the controller in the video, as well as my initial impressions; right now I want to talk about my time so far with the controller.  I spent a few minutes playing an old favorite, Portal 2, and now have some game time with the controller under my belt.  Everything plays the same essentially, except for the stiffness of the sticks.  This could be both a matter of breaking the controller in, as well as the result of  Sony increasing the tension, but either way it was noticeable.  I had a harder time than I should have precision aiming so that I could shoot my portal where I wanted it.  I will have to adjust, but this is still a noticeable difference.


Other than that, it played fine, something I would expect from a next gen console controller.  That last thing I should mention, is the overall feel of the controller.  It is lighter than the 360 controller, and wider, but mainly the grips are longer.  This is a great addition, as I thought the PS3 controller was too small, but that is always a matter of opinion.


Anyway, I am still super excited for the console launch, and can’t wait to actually use the new controller for the system it was designed for.  Watch the video for more details about the controller itself.


Possible New Sleeping Dogs Sequel

Polygon is reporting that another game in the Sleeping Dogs universe is currently in development. Since Sleeping Dogs is my personal favorite open world game that I have ever played, this is obviously exciting news for me. The downside is, the project, called “Triad Wars”, could just as likely be a Free to Play bad third person shooter as a proper sequel to Sleeping Dogs. Here’s to hoping for the best!   Source: