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Possible New Sleeping Dogs Sequel

Polygon is reporting that another game in the Sleeping Dogs universe is currently in development. Since Sleeping Dogs is my personal favorite open world game that I have ever played, this is obviously exciting news for me. The downside is, the project, called “Triad Wars”, could just as likely be a Free to Play bad third person shooter as a proper sequel to Sleeping Dogs. Here’s to hoping for the best!   Source:

LoL- Summoner’s Rift (Explicit)

Me and the boys like to get together weekly for some League of Legends butt-kicking. (At least that’s what we attempt to do). Last night the second game we ended up playing was a really close match that we ended up pulling ahead and winning. What’s the key to doing well in League of Legends even if you aren’t the best players? Teamwork and communication. Here’s the OBS of the match. (WARNING: Explicit language and Innuendos)