PS4 Controller Review

Evening everyone!  As you can already tell, I have received in the mail my own PS4 controller.  I had the chance to play with it tonight and I’d like to share my initial thoughts with you.


The previous generation of consoles has left us with a great controller, and hardly anyone will tell you otherwise.  The Xbox 360 controller is by far the best controller I’ve ever handled.  The weight of the controller lets you know that you are holding it, but not so heavy as to be cumbersome.  The mere size of the controller lends you the feeling of being in control of your game, which only intensifies the immersiveness of the game.  The buttons are typically placed of the right side, but the dual sticks are place unevenly on the pad.  This does not bother you though, because once you start playing, you can hardly tell because you simply don’t care.  Microsoft outdid itself with this piece of hardware, and many wonder if the next gen will knock the masterpiece off of its pedestal.  I’m sad to say, that the dualshock 4 does not.


You can see the layout of the controller in the video, as well as my initial impressions; right now I want to talk about my time so far with the controller.  I spent a few minutes playing an old favorite, Portal 2, and now have some game time with the controller under my belt.  Everything plays the same essentially, except for the stiffness of the sticks.  This could be both a matter of breaking the controller in, as well as the result of  Sony increasing the tension, but either way it was noticeable.  I had a harder time than I should have precision aiming so that I could shoot my portal where I wanted it.  I will have to adjust, but this is still a noticeable difference.


Other than that, it played fine, something I would expect from a next gen console controller.  That last thing I should mention, is the overall feel of the controller.  It is lighter than the 360 controller, and wider, but mainly the grips are longer.  This is a great addition, as I thought the PS3 controller was too small, but that is always a matter of opinion.


Anyway, I am still super excited for the console launch, and can’t wait to actually use the new controller for the system it was designed for.  Watch the video for more details about the controller itself.


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