I Can’t No Music, I’ll Know Music – Episode 1: David Bowie by David Bowie

The inaugural episode of The Culture of My People’s music podcast — I Can’t No Music, I’ll Know Music. We talk about the super interesting first album by the David Bowie.

Here is some of the stuff we reference during the episode:


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One thought on “I Can’t No Music, I’ll Know Music – Episode 1: David Bowie by David Bowie”

  1. What do you guys think about the shared theme between “Uncle Arthur” and “There Is a Happy Place”? “Uncle Arthur” has to do with a person struggling to grow up and move on from his child hood in that he eventually moves back in with his mom, while “There Is a Happy Place” deals with a grown person thinking/reminiscing about his childhood? These songs seem to deal with the same issue, just from different perspectives. Does this shared theme perhaps play into a larger theme of the album, perhaps dealing more with the tragedies of being an adult? Food for thought!

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