The Starbound Server is BACK

Here is the information for the official CULTURE OF MY PEOPLE Starbound server! Come one, come all! Make all the worlds a better place in this planetary adventure! 

Server IP address

Currently declared home base coordinates: 

X: -2032686
Y: 18350647

Planet Alpha XHer 8144 VII
The Forest Planet

Everyone please play nicely and do not destroy property 😀 Enjoy! 

There is also a Mumble server available at that same IP address. Download a Mumble client from HERE and access the Culture of My People Mumble server. While using the server, please use “Push-to-Talk” as echo builds up quite frequently. Since the game currently does not include a list of online players, this is a great way to find out if anyone is playing on the server at any time. Eventually I will build the Mumble server out to have multiple rooms for different games. 

Have fun!

[whohit]The Starbound Server is BACK[/whohit]

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