WackTracks – Channel Zero: S02E06 (FINALE) Commentary Track

The finale is upon us! We’ve made it! If you are unfamiliar with WackTracks however, this is a new feature where we create commentary tracks for you to listen to while watching something along with us. We hope to spread joy through laughter. We have started season two of Channel Zero.

Channel Zero: NoEnd House is a six episode short series loosely based on/inspired by the original creepy pasta.

To enjoy this commentary track, you will need to watch along with the series with us. (Note: This show is rated TV-MA for language/violent content) You can pick up the show via Amazon streaming or via a Shudder subscription.

If you are not able to join us in watching the show, please check out the WackTracks Podcast where we read through a summary of the episode and share our thoughts in standard podcast form.

Please let us know your thoughts by either sharing your thoughts in the comments below or by emailing us a podcast@wackmatters.com

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