Life’s What You Rate It – Episode 6

Happy birthday to my sister as we have her and my wife on as guests with such fun topics as Nickelodeon Guts and Summer Vacation!

Mo 6/10
Mike o Malley 9/10
Guts 9/10
Aggro Crag 10/10
Skittles 10/10
Spicy Skittles 7/10
Purple Skittles 8/10
Sweet n Sour 10/10
Sour Skittles 9/10
Sweedish Fish 10/10
Ceasar Romero as the Joker 2/10
Unsolicited Pictures of Mcauly Culkin 1/10
Summer Vacation 10/10
Justin Timberlake with Frosted Tips 10/10
Justin Timberlake now 10/10
Justin Timberlake w/ Jimmy Fallon 10/10
Ryan Gosling as Captain America 10/10

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