Untitled Podcast – Episode 0

My brother and me discuss for future posterity the value of everything in the world a little bit at a time by simplifying the value of all things to a basic 1-10 scale rating. Tune in to this episode to hear as we discuss these topics: 

Zucchini :  4/10
Heath Ledger’s Joker as an accurate portrayal of the Joker :  10/10
Heath Ledger’s Joker as a portrayal of a bro : 1/10
Variant Covers for Comic Books :  6/10
The Nerd Rating of Comic Books : 10/10
People That Don’t Like the Song Open Arms by Journey :  1/10
The Subject of Redemption : 10/10
Non-hooded Sweatshirts : 1/10
This Winter : 1/10
The Idea of Feeling Needed And/Or Wanted : 10/10
The Feeling of Bugs Squishiness/Cruchiness : 1/10
“With Arms Wide Open” by Creed : 10/10
Michael’s Facial Expression Singing With Arms Wide Open (comedic) : 10/10
Fanny Packs : 8/10
Hoodies : 10/10
3’s : 3/10
1’s : 10/10
Recording a Podcast with Your Fake And/Or Real Brother : 10/10
Let Me Pitch This To You – Concept : 9/10
I Can’t Know Music I’ll Know Music – Concept : 8/10

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