Clearing the Backlog: 1-2 ~ Chrono Trigger

I’m about 4 hours deep in this gem now. I’m still very familiar with the content that I’ve played, but I’m getting a refresher on the storyline.  The highlight of my playthrough and from everything that I’ve seen in the game thus far is the super advanced (to my knowledge) ability of the game to secretly record your choices and make you pay the consequences for them.

Without too many spoilers, there are a bunch of secretly incriminating acts that you can preform without even thinking about it as they are common video game actions that eventually, when the game’s circumstances put you on trial before the high court totally can make you look like a guilty liar. The way that these events played out the first time I played this game still stand strong in my mind as there wasn’t a Telltale style “Clementine will remember this” telling you every time you were making a moral decision, but you weren’t expecting it at all when the judge shows you evidence against yourself. 

Aside from that I am getting the main time travelling plot expounded to me in bits and pieces where I am.  I am also building up my crew of time warriors and I am presented with the opportunities of naming each of my companions. In my younger days I always liked giving characters cool names, but lately I’ve been liking to see what the default names are for characters and going with that. Knowing that this is a JRPG from 1995, I really wonder about the localization / writing for the names of some of the characters in this game. I’m curious if the writer’s were actually lazy enough to call the frog “Frog”, the robot “Robo”, or the lava monster “Lavos” of if that was some sort of weird localization thing. 

Nevertheless, my quest is continuing onward. I am currently working through the events that will eventually allow Robo to join my team. More thoughts incoming as I have them.