The Culture of My People Podcast – Episode 2

Here are the show notes for episode 2 :  

Viggi Games:

  1. Dark souls challenge

  2. Broken age

  3. Retro gaming night.

  4. Zelda: Link Between Worlds

  5. My Old Game Collection


Some of our favorite series or books::

  • Narnia

  • Circle Trilogy

  • Inheritance Series


  1. Andy Mineo – Never Land

Awesome cover of Gnarles Barkley’s “Crazy”

Download or listen to the show here

2 thoughts on “The Culture of My People Podcast – Episode 2”

  1. Good conversation about books and music. (The game talk is out of my league.) 🙂
    I must say, I’m surprised that Peretti’s name didn’t come up during the book talk. 🙂
    Can you send me the link to the article about Andy Mineo?

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