Clearing the Backlog: 1-1 ~ Chrono Trigger

We all have those games we’ve played before and maybe even enjoyed a lot, but never completed for whatever reason. Maybe life got in the way or maybe another game came out that just stole the spotlight. Either way, backlogs full of games that I’ve genuinely enjoyed make me sad so I wanted to try and do something about it.

The first game on my list was the classic Square Japanese Role-Playing Game — Chrono Trigger!

I have started playing Chrono Trigger 3-4 times, but never have I been able to get the game to completion. I will post my thoughts of where I am in the game this playthrough as I reach them. I will try not to be too spoilery without warning, but here we go. 

The first thing I notice upon the stereotypical waking up at home scene of the game is how much I forgot I love some great pixel art. 


I don’t know if my appreciation for pixel art is one of nostalgia or just a general taste, but I have loved the look of this game every single time I have started it. The characters are all bright, vibrant, unique, and so full of character even before they talk or act. 

I played through the beginning parts of this game up through the main event that starts off the course of the game, and thus I’d like to just really focus for a second on how cool that fair is. 

There are all these little minigames and an opportunity for repeatable combat where you can even level up and grind currency for a crazy powerful sword all right here. I earned enough silver points from betting on footraces, hitting strength tests, and fighting dancing singing robots to earn myself a new sword (not the crazy expensive one), and my two party members new armor and helmets at a super fun festival party. 

If i noticed anything particularly new about this playthrough of this area is actually how much this game reminds me of Kingdom Hearts in a lot of ways. The structure and events in the starting area that double as a tutorial and character development to the party system all remind me of the way Sora and his buddies play around on Destiny Island… That reminds me, I want to play through those games again with their prettier graphics on ps4 sometime… NO! This series is not for increasing my backlog but decreasing it… 

More updates to come!