Spotify’s “Discover Weekly” Playlist is An Example of Common Grace

Have you ever been anywhere doing anything and a song comes on that you either forgot about or have never heard before and it just hits the spot? What if you could have a robot cater to your subconscious desire for that to happen every week? That’s what Spotify’s “Discover Weekly” playlist seems to do for me. 

No, Spotify doesn’t pay me, and the streaming business is a bittersweet entry into the music industry with many pros and cons that I won’t delve into right here, but there are some wonderful things that Spotify does. Aside from its wonderful social and sharing features, and the fact that it provides an ad supported but otherwise free, legal option to listen to tons of music, some time ago they also implemented something called the “Discover Weekly” playlist. 

The “Discover Weekly” automatically created playlist does what so many music services attempt to do. It looks at what you already listen to and tries to build a playlist built around those styles. Pandora is the first service I know that did this with their radio streaming, and pretty much any music service has some version of this, but I don’t think I’ve ever had one that was so successful and finding me music I have never heard of, but instantly connect with as Spotify’s “Discover Weekly”.  It seems every time I check it, at least 50% or more of the tracks on the playlist are songs I would want to listen to many more times, a few are songs I’ve heard before but may have forgotten about, and the rest are songs that I like but don’t love. 

Of course this is meant to be used as a discovery tool and can be useful in finding artists that you never would have even heard of before. I made a separate playlist for myself called “Discovery Discovery” just so I can put songs I like from my Discovery Weekly playlist into the Discovery Discovery playlist to listen to more and research after the week is over. 

If you are feeling the urge to enter that scary arena of finding some new music to listen to, but aren’t sure where to begin or maybe are unsure what you even like, Spotify may be the artificial intelligence that can read you like a book and serve you up with the endorphin releases that come from finding an awesome new song you have been missing out on. 

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