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City of Owls – Batman Vol. 2 (New 52)

2011 brought us one of the best comic series we’ve seen in years. The Court of the Owls storyline is a great way to get our feet wet talking about comics leading up to EVENT LEVIATHAN and THE YEAR OF THE VILLIAN!

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Everything You Need for Year of the Villain

Everything you need to know about DC’s Year of the Villain event!

Pull List This Week (May 29):
Batman: Last Knight on Earth
Superman Leviathan Rising Special #1

To Catch Up =

Batman: Batman Vol 1-10

Justice League: Justice League Vol1-2, #14-24

Leviathan Origins: Batman: The Return #1, Batman Incorperated Vol1-2, Batman Incorperated: Leviathan Strikes

Road to Event Leviathan: Action Comics 1007-1011

The Socratic Circle Podcast:

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