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Royal Rumble 2019 Predictions

Pay-Per-View weekend is upon us! Man, the term Pay-Per-View is a stupid one in this modern day age of the WWE network and streaming services. Regardless, this is a fun time for hardcore fans and casual fans alike to come together and pit their predictions against each other.  We encourage anyone reading this to submit their own predictions, either in the comments section or by emailing and we will announce a winner of the newly initiated WackMatters Wrestling Matters Prediction Championship! The belt may be virtual, but the honor and glory are real and we will announce you as the winner once the PPV has ended! Here are the WackMatters staff predictions for Royal Rumble 2019! 
Matches TJH Nick Michael Drewby
30-Men Royal Rumble Roman Reigns Drew McIntyre Kenny Omega Vince McMahon
30-Woman Royal Rumble Shayna Baszler Becky Lynch Ember Moon
Aren't all women the real winners here?
Buddy Murphy vs. Kalisto vs. Akira Towaza vs. Hideo Itami Buddy Murphy Buddy Murphy Buddy Murphy Buddy Murphy
Rusev vs. Shinsuke Nakamura Rusev Rusev Shinsuke Nakamura Rusev
Daniel Bryan vs. AJ Styles Daniel Bryan Daniel Bryan Daniel Bryan Daniel Bryan
Ronda Rousey vs. Sasha Banks Sasha Banks Ronda Rousey Ronda Rousey
Again, all women are the real winners
SmackDown Tag Team Championship — The Bar (c) vs. The Miz & Shane McMahon The Miz & Shane The Bar The Miz & Shane The Bar
SmackDown Women’s Championship — Asuka (c) vs. Becky Lynch Becky Lynch Asuka Becky Lynch Becky Lynch
Universal Championship — Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Finn Balor Finn Balor Brock Lesnar Brock Lesnar Braun Strowman

Royal Rumble 2019 Card (And Cliff’s Notes)

The Royal Rumble has been a yearly PPV since 1988 and is my personal favorite PPV that the WWE does every year. The main draw, the Royal Rumble match, is always a lot of fun. The idea for the “Rumble” match is that there are 2 competitors to start off the match and on a timed interval a new contestant is added until all thirty entrants have entered. Wrestlers are eliminated by getting thrown over the top rope and having both feet hit the floor. There are crazy saves, wrestler debuts, and surprises that are always a lot of fun. The other thing is that the winner of the match also gets to choose to challenge the title holder of their choice at Wrestlemania. Since there are surprises, we don’t know every entrant into the “Rumble” matches, but the ones we know will be listed.

30-Men Royal Rumble

Confirmed entrants (16?/30): John Cena?, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Samoa Joe, Drew McIntyre, Kofi Kingston, Big E, Xavier Woods, Apollo Crews, Baron Corbin, Elias, Jinder Mahal, Bobby Lashley, Jeff Hardy, Andrade “Cien” Almas, R-Truth (No. 30). 

30-Woman Royal Rumble

Confirmed entrants (21/30) : Carmella (No. 30), Ember Moon, Natalya, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan, Liv Morgan, Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, Alicia Fox, Zelina Vega, Charlotte Flair, Naomi, Tamina, Peyton Royce, Billie Kay, Dana Brooke, Lana, Nia Jax, Nikki Cross. 

Cruiserweight Championship — Buddy Murphy (c) vs. Kalisto vs. Akira Towaza vs. Hideo Itami (Kickoff show)

205 Live presents itself as more of a normal sports competition than traditional sports entertainment. Buddy Murphy is the dominant champion and one of the best wrestlers on the planet. The three challengers are all excellent contenders trying to become the next 205 Live champion who all earned their position into this match via singles matches on the weekly show. – TJH & Nick

United States Championship — Rusev (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (Kickoff show)

Rusev, riding a wave of crowd love, won the United States Championship on Rusev Day, (Christmas) 2018. Fans had been clamoring for Rusev to gain some traction for all of 2018 and were finally able to rejoice when Rusev took the title from Shinsuke as the WWE Universe’s Christmas present. Shinsuke Nakamura led the New Japan Circuit, than he ran NXT, and now he is on the main roster of Smackdown. While he hasn’t been able to conquer his way to the top of the main roster yet, he hasn’t stopped trying. The “King of Strong Style” hopes to regain his United States Championship Sunday in the rematch against his foe.

WWE Championship — Daniel Bryan (c) vs. AJ Styles

Daniel Bryan rode his “Yes” movement to ultimate Babyface glory and could do no wrong for years. Especially after his problems with concussions left him unable to wrestle for an extended period of time, his adoration from the WWE Universe rose to a swell. His return to in-ring work was a very emotional moment that had his fans in a frenzy. The WWE decided to pull a big swerve with DB when he heel turned out of nowhere — embracing the vegan/hippie side of his real-life persona to belittle and berate the WWE Universe on their capitalism and animal annihilation. AJ Styles is a wrestler who is frequently in the discussion for best professional wrestler in the world. He had held the WWE Championship for over a year when he lost it to Daniel Bryan and has been unsuccessful at acquiring it again since then. “The Real AJ” has been cropping up more lately with AJ getting more frustrated and violent as he struggles to get back to the top.

Raw Women’s Championship — Ronda Rousey (c) vs. Sasha Banks

Ronda Rousey has been much of the talk of the WWE universe since her debut last year. A huge attraction for the WWE, Ronda has done an unprecedented job at completely adapting from leaving the UFC and taking up professional wrestling. The current champion, Ronda is looking prove herself greater than all the other female talent on the roster one by one. Sasha Banks is known as one of the four horsewomen of the WWE. A pioneer in the modern age of the WWE, Sasha Banks was instrumental in women’s wrestling being taken seriously by the mainstream audiences at large. As one of the greatest female performers having worked her way up through NXT to where she is now, Sasha looks to take the championship from this relative newcomer.

SmackDown Tag Team Championship — The Bar (c) vs. The Miz & Shane McMahon

After Shane McMahon, the son to the big boss Vince, became “The Best in the World” in a tournament at the Crown Jewel event last year, the Miz became infatuated with Shane. He believes they are BFFLs and they share The Best in the World trophy with joint custody. Miz finally convinced Shane to become his tag partner and wants them to become tag champions. – TJH The Bar, consisting of Sheamus and Cesaro, have become a mainstay tag team for the WWE main roster. Having been champions on both brands and putting out many incredible matches, they hope to prove their dominance once again this Sunday.

SmackDown Women’s Championship — Asuka (c) vs. Becky Lynch

Asuka, “The Empress”, carried an undefeated streak from NXT onto the WWE main roster. Even though the ending streak ended shortly after arriving on the scene, Asuka fought her way back to the top, ultimately winning the Women’s Championship in late 2018. Asuka is considered by many to be one of the greatest female wrestlers working right now. Unfortunately for Asuka, Becky Lynch is coming for her title. “The Man” is on a hot streak and can do no wrong to the WWE Universe. Ever since going heel, Becky, also one of the four horsewomen of the WWE, has a lot of momentum behind her and is a serious threat to anyone in her way. Many are claiming that Becky Lynch is the new Stone Cold Steve Austin with the amount of popularity and love from the fandom she is carried at the moment.

Universal Championship — Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Finn Balor

Brock Lesnar is a monster of a man. One of the biggest draws to the WWE, this sword-tattoo-chested behemoth is known as “The beast incarnate” and is both extremely loved, and extremely hated by fans. His lack of dedication to the WWE has people hating him for his lack of title defences and general disrespect for the industry, but none can deny his physical prowess. Finn Balor was the original Universal Champion at its inception. Forced to relinquish his title after a bad injury, he is looking to win back the championship he lost. Finn’s alter ego of “The Demon King” arises from within him when he needs to win a match the most and thus far, “The Demon” is undefeated. Some fans have been clamoring for “The Demon” vs. “The Beast” for a long time now. Let’s see how it plays out in reality.

NXT Takeover: Phoenix Predictions

Pay-Per-View weekend is upon us! Man, the term Pay-Per-View is a stupid one in this modern day age of the WWE network and streaming services. Regardless, this is a fun time for hardcore fans and casual fans alike to come together and pit their predictions against each other.  We encourage anyone reading this to submit their own predictions, either in the comments section or by emailing and we will announce a winner of the newly initiated WackMatters Wrestling Matters Prediction Championship! The belt may be virtual, but the honor and glory are real and we will announce you as the winner once the PPV has ended! Here are the WackMatters staff predictions for NXT TakeOver: Phoenix 2019! 
Matches TJH Nick Michael Drewby
Tommaso Ciampa (c) vs. Aleister Black Aleister Black Tommaso Ciampa Tommaso Ciampa Aleister Black
Shayna Baszler (c) vs. Bianca Belair Bianca Belair Bianca Belair Shayna Baszler Bianca Belair
The Undisputed Era (c) vs. War Raiders  Undisputed Era War Raiders Undisputed Era Undisputed Era
Ricochet (c) vs. Johnny Gargano Ricochet Ricochet Ricochet Ricochet
Matt Riddle vs. Kassius Ohno Matt Riddle Matt Riddle Matt Riddle Kassius Ohno

NXT TakeOver: Phoenix Card (And Cliff’s Notes)

Tommaso Ciampa (c) vs. Aleister Black — NXT Championship Match This bridge troll serves as a nasty, bad man who for a period of time espoused entrance music for the sheer overwhelming mass of boos and curses thrown his way. The NXT Champion swerved from loved tag team member to most hated man in wrestling when he stabbed his partner in the back by smashing his face into a wall. Aleister Black (challenger) was the previous NXT champion who lost his title due to unforeseen interruption from a feud he had no part in. A previous MMA fighter, Black is now a satanic professional wrestler, whose matches are often excellent and brutal. His desire for the restoration of the NXT Championship title to himself will fuel his determination for this match. Shayna Baszler (c) vs. Bianca Belair — NXT Women’s Championship Match Shayna Baszler, finalist of the original Mae Young Classic, is one of MMA’s four horsewomen. A pioneer in MMA, she is now a trailblazer in professional wrestling as well. Shayna, the two time NXT Women’s Champion,  has been joined by two of her MMA friends and they have been bullying anyone in the women’s division who gets in their way. Bianca Belair, the undefeated challenger for the NXT Women’s Championship, calls herself “the EST of NXT” implying she is better at every aspect of professional wrestling than her competition. Her signature ponytail also doubles as a whip if necessary in the squared circle. The Undisputed Era (c) vs. War Raiders — NXT Tag Team Championship Match The Undisputed Era, a faction of four (after one acquisition), rose to the top immediately after arriving on the NXT scene in 2017. Every member individually had major clout coming in from the independent professional wrestling scene, but together their power is truly undisputable. The War Raiders are here to end the reign of the Undisputed Era. These massive hulks have been wrestling together for years on the independent scene and are here to make a name for themselves in the hottest name in sports entertainment. Ricochet (c) vs. Johnny Gargano — NXT North American Championship Match The charismatic, high-flying Ricochet won the North America Championship from Adam Cole of the Undisputed Era in a magnificent, hard-fought battle. Known for his insane acrobatic maneuvers in the ring, he is a joy to watch everytime. Good-guy-gone-mad, Gargano used to be one of the top babyfaces (superheroes) in all of professional wrestling, but a betrayal and his obsession with his transgressor has driven him to desperation and rage. His absence of any singles title in his NXT career may push him over the edge even further. Matt Riddle vs. Kassius Ohno This barefoot “Bro” is another MMA star/professional wrestler. His arrival on the NXT scene has been met with love from the fans who watched him in the independent scene and begged for him to come to the WWE. He looks to knock Kassius Ohno down a few pegs since he has been playing bully lately. Kassius Ohno, the “Knockout Artist” has become bitter during his time in NXT. Watching others around him rise through the ranks turned him to the dark side and he now spends his time destroying NXT’s “shiny new toys.”

WrestleMania 33 Cliff’s Notes

For those who haven’t been following the phenomenon that is the “Road to WrestleMania”, I have compiled a quick and easy guide and summary of the storylines that have lead up to this year’s WrestleMania. Enjoy!

WWE Universal Title: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Goldberg

Goldberg, the man who was WCW’s champion in the 90s and destroyed his opponents in record times returned to the WWE after over a decade long hiatus to show the Beast incarnate who was next on his list. After destroying Brock Lesnar in less than 90 seconds at Survivor series, he eliminated Lesnar during the Royal Rumble and then took the WWE Universal Title from Kevin Owens at the Fastlane Pay Per View. Goldberg still holds the record for longest undefeated streak from back in his earlier WCW/WWF days.

Brock Lesnar is the Beast Incarnate. A massive chunk of muscle, he wants to take down the old geezer that is Goldberg and restore his honor. Prior to his loss to Goldberg at Survivor Series last year, Lesnar was the monster who was able to not only beat everyone, but destroy them. This match will determine who holds the WWE Universal Title moving forward.

WWE Title: Bray Wyatt (c) vs. Randy Orton

Bray Wyatt is the leader of the Cult of Wyatt. This is a voodoo cult revolving around the mysterious powerful figure known only as Sister Abigail who provides Bray Wyatt with his evil supernatural power. At various times, Bray Wyatt has held seemingly mystical control over various other WWE wrestlers and led them as a monstrous master.

Randy Orton, the viper, was in a battle against the Wyatt family that he could not win. He eventually joined the Wyatts after not being able to defeat them. It was revealed recently that he had only infiltrated the cult to destroy it from the inside. When Bray Wyatt let Randy into his secret sanctum which contained the body and soul of Sister Abigail, he burned the place to the ground.

This plan did not seem to work and Bray returned to the scene to bathe himself in the ashes of Sister Abigail and claim to have fully absorbed her soul into himself. Randy then returned to the grave site and attempted to destroy Abigail’s remains with a holy symbol, but only time will tell if the witch has left Bray. They will be fighting for the long standing WWE Title.

Raw Women’s Title Elimination Match: Bayley (c) vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Nia Jax vs. Sasha Banks

Bayley, the hugger and purveyor of positivity and presumably also more hugging, was able to win the Raw Women’s title off of Charlotte Flair (Daughter of legend and superstar Rick Flair) ending Flair’s undefeated at Pay Per View streak. Bayley’s friend Sasha Banks, who was in her own long feud with Flair helped Bayley keep the title from Flair through somewhat questionably legal means.

Meanwhile, Nia Jax, the biggest women currently working in the WWE, was in a feud where she repeatedly tried to destroy an injured Sasha Banks while she was recovering from her many losses against Flair. Bickering amongst these ladies and their managers led to the match being declared an elimination match between all of them.

WWE United States Title: Chris Jericho (c) vs. Kevin Owens

Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens used to be best friends. At least that is what Chris Jericho, the current holder of the WWE United States belt thought. Though they had their fights, Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho maintained an alliance helping each other win and keep their respective belts, but when Chris Jericho accepted a match against Goldberg for the Universal Title on Kevin Owens behalf, Kevin Owens was done with this “fake friendship”.
At the festival of friendship, Kevin Owens destroyed Chris Jericho and told him he was only his friend while it was useful to him in keeping his title. Kevin Owens then lost the WWE belt to Goldberg when he was distracted by Chris Jericho seconds into the match. Kevin Owens in the meantime has made friends with the large destroyer Samoa Joe and possibly even the WWE COO, Triple H.
This is not the only person that Kevin Owens has stabbed in the back however. His long time friend in the independent wrestling scene and also in the beginning of their NXT career, Sami Zayn has recently showed signs of possibly wanting to help Chris Jericho in his war against Kevin Owens and may very well be a factor in this match as well.

WWE Intercontinental Title: Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Baron Corbin

Dean Ambose, the lunatic fringe, is a wild and unpredictable guy, but a feud with Baron Corbin, the lone wolf and winner of the Andre the Giant battle royale has proven to be very bad for Dean up to this point. Baron performed an incredibly vicious attack on Dean Ambrose backstage that ended with him lowering a forklift fork onto Dean Ambrose’s ribs, causing broken bones and other damage. Baron Corbin stated earlier that he just wants to hurt people and right now his sights have been set on Dean.

RAW Tag Team Titles: Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson (c) vs. Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs. Sheamus & Cesaro

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are a very talented tag team who has wrestled together for years, starting the independent scene all the way up and recently won the Raw tag team belts. Enzo Amore and Big Cass, the realest guys in the room who resemble new england white brawlers

Non-Sanctioned Match: Triple H vs. Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins used to be Triple H’s golden boy. He would do whatever Triple H wanted no matter how many friends he had to betray. He rode that train all the way to the top and a serious knee injury was the only thing that stopped his momentum. When Rollins returned he was unable to gain the respect and position in the eyes of Triple H who saw his getting injured as a betrayal and a slap in the face after all he had given to Seth.

Seth wanted revenge but after his knee was injured by Triple H’s new hitman, Samoa Joe, his chances to wrestle at WrestleMania were slim to none. The injury forced Seth to push himself through rehab, and even though he wasn’t cleared by the WWE to wrestle officially, he has changed his motive from revenge to redemption and he sees Triple H as the pervertor of his character. Even though he was not cleared, Seth Rollins signed a contract with Triple H for an unsanctioned match against The Game (Triple H).

Roman Reigns vs. The Undertaker

Roman Reigns, the big dog claimed that WWE was his yard. The Undertaker, in what is most likely his last match after over two decades under his belt. The Undertaker, also known as the dead man is the one who brings people to the afterlife. This supernatural figure stands to defeat one of the WWEs biggest modern superstars in what could be seen as the past vs the present. The Undertaker whose PPV record is 21-1 (His only loss is to The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar), also known as Mr. Wrestlemania because of that streak, looks to bury one of the most hated people in the modern era, Roman Reigns.

John Cena & Nikki Bella vs. The Miz & Maryse

John Cena, the face of WWE for over a decade and the second biggest crossover WWE star and his girlfriend Nikki Bella, star of the show Total Divas and Total Bellas are on a mission to put down Mike “The Miz” and Maryse. Miz and Maryse claim that Cena and Bella are only famous because of their looks and are sellouts who live a double life. While Cena preaches Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect and plays superman, Miz states that he is secretly just in it for himself.

The Miz started with attacks on how John Cena would never marry Nikki or provide her with children because he wasn’t a real man who didn’t care about her at all. This week on Smackdown Live, John Cena responded with a personal attack implying that The Miz was incapable of making children with his wife Maryse. A rivalry that started with a petty cliche attack on Cena seemed to trigger a personal response and the fight is on at Wrestlemania.

Shane McMahon vs. AJ Styles

AJ Styles, accepted as the greatest professional wrestler in all of the world deserved a chance to be in the main event of Wrestlemania. After Randy Orton who was in disguise at the time said he wouldn’t wrestle Bray Wyatt for the championship, Smackdown management decided to set up another series of events to choose an opponent for Bray Wyatt. AJ overcame challenge after challenge to earn his chance to regain his lost WWE Championship, but management then decided when Randy Orton revealed his true intentions, to give him the match back.

This caused AJ Styles to earn his own justice. He attacked Shane McMahon backstage and was summarily fired by Daniel Bryan. Shane McMahon however, was not one to back down from a challenge and said he would give AJ Styles his Wrestlemania match against himself.

Royal Rumble 2017 Cliff’s Notes

Remember the Rumble! The Royal Rumble is coming up this Sunday (Jan 29th) and here is the short version of all of the information you will need to understand what is going down.

Right now the card looks like this (in no particular order): 

  • (Kickoff Show) Cesaro & Sheamus vs. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson
  • (Kickoff Show) Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax
  • Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns
  • AJ Styles vs. John Cena
  • Charlotte Flair vs. Bayley
  • Rich Swann vs. Neville
  • Becky Lynch, Nikki Bella, Naomi (Team Face) vs. Alexa Bliss, Mickie James, Natalya (Team Heel)
  • The Royal Rumble

Here is the skinny on each of these matches: 

Cesaro & Sheamus vs. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson
Cesaro is a long time WWE veteran and currently a fancy movie star fellow attempting to pull off a James Bond look. He was thrust against his will into a tag team with the viking boy Sheamus. Suprisingly to everyone, they were able to set aside enough of their differences outside the ring to pull the title off of the tag team record holding champions The New Day last year. 

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, having moved to WWE after successful careers in both ROH and NJPW are a force to be reckoned with. This tag team match is a repeat of what happened in a recent title match between the same contestants where Gallows and Anderson were able to pin the champions however, due to a previous incident caused by Sheamus, the match was considered a win by DQ which did not allow Gallows and Anderson to take the belts officially. 

Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax
Sasha Banks is hot off of a title run against Charlotte Flair where she was unsuccessful. She was injured in her last match with Flair and was in recovery waiting on another potential shot at the title when Nia Jax attacked her and claimed that she was the real boss of the women’s division.  Jax is a behemoth of a lady and has repeatedly dismanted Banks over and over leading up to this match. 

Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns
Kevin Owens is the current WWE Universal Champion after the title was given to him by WWE COO Triple H. He and his “best friend” Chris Jericho have used all sorts of hyjinks to allow Owens to keep the belt as well as steal the United States Championship from Reigns. In this match Kevin Owens must wrestle Reigns with Jericho suspended above the ring in a shark cage to keep him from interfering with the match. 

Roman Reigns is the is good guy that the WWE Universe loves to hate. Ever since Famous team The Shield (featuring Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Reigns) was disbanded when Rollins betrayed his brothers, the WWE Universe has hated everything Reigns has done. They cheered when he lost the belt to the cheating Chris Jericho and would riot if Reigns were to overthrow one of the fan’s favorite bad guy Owens. 

AJ Styles vs. John Cena
AJ Styles likes to refer to himself as “The face that runs the place”. After a killer 2016 debut, he rose to the top of Smackdown Live as the champion including multiple clean defeats over WWE workhorse John Cena. He criticized the “has been” “Hollywood” “part-timer” John Cena for being able to come back to the WWE after spending so much time outside and immediately getting a title match against him, the phenomenal one. 

John Cena, the person who essentially ran and upheld the WWE for over a decade. With the most televised matches of any WWE superstar, John Cena and the WWE have been essentially synonymous. John Cena has been the World Champion of the WWE 15 times. If he wins this match he will have tied the all time great Ric Flair who has held 16 world titles. 

Charlotte Flair vs. Bayley
Charlotte Flair, the daughter of Ric Clair has the genetic superiority to maintain her undefeated record at WWE Pay Per View events. She claims to have been born and bred for greatness and will defeat anyone who dares to challenge her birthright. 

Bayley, the leader of the “hugger section” has been a WWE fan since she was a small girl and her dream was to be a WWE Superstar. As one of the Four Horsewomen, she along with Flair, Banks, and Lynch revolutionized WWE women’s division. One of the crowd favorites from the NXT division, Bayley has earned this shot and she will do her best to become the champion she has always dreamed of being. 

Rich Swann vs. Neville
Rich Swann, the young charismatic crowd favorite of the Cruserweight division won the title and has been able to retain it since taking it from friend TJ Perkins in the innagural episode of 205 Live. It didn’t seem like there was a ton of competition for Swann after defeating Brian Kendrick until along came….

Neville, self proclaimed King of the Cruserweights was offended when he was not initially invited into the Cruserweight division at the start of 205 Live. He has laid waste to all of his competitors demanding a championship match against Rich Swann. This is his time. 

Team Face vs. Team Heel
A lot of varios sorts of beef going on in this match. First off, Nikki Bella is incredibly angry after her long time supposed friend, Natalya called her mean names and said that people only love her because she is beautiful and dating John Cena. 

Second, Becky Lynch, Irish steampunk chick wants to take the Smackdown Women’s title from the current champion Alexa Bliss the fake Harley Quinn. After Bliss has recruited former WWE superstar Mickie James (disguised as La Luchadora) to take out Lynch during their previous title match, Lynch is rightfully angry with both of them.

In the meantime, Naomi was not able to wrestle Natalya during their last scheduled match because she had been attacked backstage by Nikki Bella. Naomi accepted any challenger to fight her to which Bliss showed up on the scene and denied her a match and insulted her.

The Royal Rumble
The main event. The Royal Rumble is a 30 man, every man for himself match of which the winner will gain a title opportunity at this year’s Wrestlemania (The Superbowl of WWE). The match will start with 2 contenders in the ring with a new contender being released on timed intervals. There is no limit to how many men can be in the ring at once, however, you are eliminated when you are thrown out over the top rope and both feet touch the floor.  We currently know 22 of the 30 contenders that will be in the rumble. One of the main draws of this event is the suprise entrants who can vary from random celebrities to historical WWE superstars. Here are the 22 announced contenders: 

  1. Kofi Kingston – Acrobatic member of The New Day tag team. They hold the record for longest time holding the Raw Tag Team Championship Belt
  2. Sami Zayn – Ska boy who won his way a slot into the Royal Rumble from a match against Seth Rollins. Was recently in a feud with Braun Strowman as the David to his Goliath. 
  3. Big Show – The biggest dude in sports entertainment. He’s a 7 foot tall hunk of a guy. They have been teasing a spat between him and Braun Strowman a few times leading up to the Rumble, but Strowman has always backed down. 
  4. Xavier Woods – The nerd and trumpet player/hype man for The New Day tag team. Has a pretty successfully video game YouTube following. 
  5. Dolph Ziggler – A wrestler forever seemingly stuck in the middle. His recent heel turn sent him in a rage against his former friends. He hasn’t been able to catch a break since losing his Intercontinental Championship to The Miz at last year’s TLC PPV. 
  6. Chris Jericho – “Best Friend” of Kevin Owens and United States champion, the G.O.A.T. is a veteran of the industry who has a list of everyone he hates and you don’t want to be on it.
  7. Luke Harper – Tall dude that looks like a backwoods guy from the swamps and member of the Cult, The Wyatt Family, he is a force to be reckoned with. It is possible his family abandoned him after he lost a match with the newest member of the Family, Randy Orton. 
  8. Braun Strowman – A big manly beefy boy. His personality is angry dude that wants to beat people up. He is huge and has destroyed essentially everyone that has been put in the match with him without much of a fight. He has been built up as an unstoppable force 1v1. 
  9. Brock Lesnar – The Beast Incarnate. Previously he was undefeated in the WWE in 1 on 1 matches. He is built like the Hulk and is just as angry in the ring. He has a sword tattooed on his chest, which no one can argue with because he is a mack truck. Lost in 90 seconds to who has been built up as I guess the new top dog, Goldberg. 
  10. Dean Ambrose – The Lunatic Fringe. A crazy man who took the Intercontinental Championship from The Miz. He is a crazy redhead from Ohio. Need I say more?
  11. The Miz – A pretty boy whiny movie star who likes to use his wife Maryse to cheat for him. At no point has he just buckled down and done his job without his two cents being put in
  12. Big E – The gyrating beefy chunky third of The New Day. He is a solid boy who knows how to shake his hips well. 
  13. Randy Orton – The snake who has recently joined the Wyatt Family. He defeated his brother Luke Harper this weekn in Smackdown seemingly removing him from the scene and taking his place under Bray.
  14. Bray Wyatt – The god and leader of the Wyatt Family. Think voodoo swamp cult. He is creepy looking and likes to command his family around to control the power as much as possible. 
  15. Baron Corbin – Voted 2016’s “Most Metal” athelete, he likes to wear clothing with wolves on it and act tough and beat people up. He doesn’t look as scary as you might think based on these things. 
  16. Cesaro – See the tag team match earlier.
  17. Rusev – A Bulgarian Brute. Frequently has used his wife Lana to help him cheat, but also is a big enough boy to not discount on his own. Huge hairy guy.
  18. Goldberg – Right now seemingly the most powerful man in the WWE Universe. He squashed opponent after opponent and is the only main WWE Superstar to not have any losses against Brock Lesnar. He defeated him in less than 90 seconds at Roadblock after coming out of retirement and was given a slot in this year’s rumble and potentially another title run if he wins.
  19. Big Cass – He’s 7 foot yall and you can’t teach that. This New England tall guy usually hangs out with his scrawny runny mouthed buddy Enzo but has been given some singles time lately to prove his power. 
  20. The Undertaker – An undead warlock who has been in wrestling longer than many of us have been alive. He went 21-0 with his first PPV runs. He has buried superstar after superstar and is considered the king of Wrestlemania having destroyed so many people. He is a top pick for many to win this event.
  21. Sheamus – See the tag team match eariler. 
  22. Mojo Rawley – 1/2 of the tag team The Hype Bros, he earned himself this slot in the Rumble in an elimination match last week on Smackdown. This former football player hopes to make a name for himself in this main event. 

On top of the people we know will be in the Rumble other rumored people such as Kurt Angle (Most recent name in the WWE Hall of Fame), Steve Austin (Favorite of the 90s and bad boy), Shawn Michaels (Heartbreak Kid), Finn Balor (The Demon King), Triple H (COO of the WWE) and even President Trump (WWE Hall of Famer) have been predicted to potentially show up in one of those suprise slots. 

Other Unresolved Beefs
One of the biggest WWE Superstars in recent years is Seth Rollins. He was a member of the beloved Shield until he betrayed his brothers to work for the authority under Triple H. For unknown reasons, once Seth Rollins in a free for all belt against Owens after Balor was injured and relinquished his title, Triple H appeared and betrayed his boy Rollins to give the title to Kevin Owens. After getting cheated out of the title by Owen’s friend Jericho, Rollins called out Triple H directly and demanded to be able to confront him. Stephanie McMahon, Triple H’s wife screwed Rollins out of his shot in the Royal Rumble in his match against Sami Zayn. Rollins is out of the Rumble, but he is furious and he wants vengeance against the Authority (Coorperate WWE including Triple H and the McMahons). This will almost certainly show up somewhere in this event. 

Here is the theme song from this year’s Rumble: 

NXT Takeover: San Antonio Cliff’s Notes

NXT Takeover: San Antonio is coming up this Saturday (Jan 28th) and here is the short version of all of the information you will need to understand what is going down.

Right now the card looks like this (in no particular order): 

  • Bobby Roode vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
  • The Authors of Pain vs #DIY
  • Peyton Royce vs. Nikki Cross vs. Billie Kay vs. Asuka
  • Eric Young vs. Tye Dillinger
  • Roderick Strong vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas

Here is the skinny on each of these matches: 

Bobby Roode vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
Bobby Roode aka: the Glorious One is an industry veteran with over a decade of professional wrestling experience under his belt. Having most recently been a star on the WWE competitor TNA, he has come to NXT to show that he is better than everyone else. This even including him abandoning his former tag team partner Tye Dillinger when he felt he was under preforming in the Dusty Rhodes tag team classic last year. In order to win this title shot, Roode did have to compete against four other competitors including an angry Tye Dillinger and Roderick Strong and Andrade “Cien” Almas. 

Shinsuke Nakamura aka: The King of Strong Style made his name in the indy wrestling circuit New Japan World (NJPW) . Most recently in NXT, he regained his lost NXT Championship Title from rival Samoa Joe. He successfully defended his title in the rematch against Joe ending their long running rivalry and is now willing to accept anyone who challenges his dominance over the NXT Universe. 

The Authors of Pain vs #DIY
The Authors of Pain, twin youthful beefy boys, have been an unstoppable force since entering NXT. Still undefeated, they won the Dusty Rhodes tag team classic and have earned their selves a shot against current NXT Tag Team Champions #DIY and They look to take over as the new leaders of the NXT Tag Team division.

#DIY is the tag team of the underdogs. They won the NXT Tag Team title from their long time rivals The Revival at the previous NXT PPV.  #DIY seems to be able to work together and systematically pull victory out of even some of the toughest situations and hope to be the first team to be able to defeat The Authors of Pain. 

Peyton Royce vs. Nikki Cross vs. Billie Kay vs. Asuka
Peyton Royce and Billie Kay are the alliance of Australian born divas in the NXT division. Their alliance and underhanded tactics have risen them to the top of the NXT women’s division in a championship opportunity against the current champion Asuka. What will happen to their unity in this match where only one lady can walk away the champion is yet to be seen. 

Nikki Cross, now part of the anarchist group Sanity is a wild uncontrollable animal. With no loyalty to anyone outside of Sanity, her unpredictable and excessively aggressive methods have earned her this spot in the championship four way match. 

The current champion Asuka, is a Japanese powerhouse. She has won over 120 matches in her stint in NXT with less than 10 defeats. Her willingness to fight any comer without question shows her the confidence she has in her ability to defeat everyone even without underhanded tactics. This match is made more interesting as even a potential alliance against Asuka from the other three competitors could throw off the current balance of power. 

Eric Young vs. Tye Dillinger
Eric Young, the leader of the anarchist group Sanity (Which contains Nikki Cross and two others) demanded Tye Dillinger join his team of lackeys who are attempting to disassemble the fabric of order in the NXT Universe. Dillinger’s disrespectful denial of Young’s offer is the fuel for Young’s fire to crush Dillinger in this match. 

Tye Dillinger, The Perfect 10, can not seem to catch a break. After he was betrayed by the Glorious One in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Championship, he has been unable to to get his revenge on Roode and was unable to earn himself a title shot for this PPV. His waning lack of confidence was starting to show and this caused Young to attempt to recruit him into Sanity. Dillinger chose to stick to his principles and believe in himself and he refused with prejudice the offer Young presented him with. This match is the aftermath of that confrontation. 

Roderick Strong vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas
Roderick Strong is a veteran of the independent scene and is gaining momentum since his debut match with tag team partner Austin Aries in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Known for his skills with the back breaker, he hopes to rise to the top of the NXT on the fast track.

Andrade “Cien” Almas also is trying to claw his way up the NXT ladder. With his penchant for flair and showing off, he let his anger at Strong getting this match show when he attacked Strong during an interview and continued to beat on him even after he was down. Strong and Almas both lost the title match opportunity earlier against Bobby Roode and this would seem to be a match where these two men are pining for the opportunity for the next title run.

And here are the theme songs for that event: